We've heard your requests and we're excited to announce that Premax sachets are now available for our everyone!

When you spend $50 or more on our online store, you can choose a product of your liking as a sample. Alternatively, you can purchase any sachet for a small fee. Head over to our sachets product page and get your hands on some of the best sports skincare you'll ever try.

Are you interested in trying our sports-specific Weather Defence Facial Cream? It's designed to protect your face from the wind and cold. Now you can experience its benefits firsthand.

Weather Defence Sachet

For those chilly mornings, give our innovative and unique warm-up cream a try. It provides a comfortable warm sensation and contains sodium bicarb, caffeine, and magnesium.

Warm Up Cream Sachet 

Swimmers, we've got you covered too! Our swim-specific anti-chlorine shampoo and conditioner are ready for trial.

 Swim Shampoo Sachet

And if you're looking to prevent chafing and blisters, our Anti Friction Balm for Men and Women is also available in sachet form.

Anti Chafe Sachet 

Currently, we haven't produced sachets for our massage products or sunscreen. However, if you'd like to see these products in sachet form, please send us a message through our website or social media. Your feedback will help us shape our future offerings.

Don't miss out on the chance to try Premax sachets today and experience the difference for yourself!