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Behind the Scenes of our First UK Photoshoot
This week we had our first photoshoot in the UK, t... Read More
Louise Gibson's fight for equality in cycling
Louise only came to cycling six years ago, but has... Read More
New Faces of Premax
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Premax Pro Team 2021
We’re proud to announce our Pro Team for 2021! Read More
The Growing Link Between Menthol and Sports Performance
Researchers have increasingly devoted their attent... Read More
Tim Ford's Story
Tim Ford’s journey of self-transformation has be... Read More
Forever Battling Headwinds With Chris Hall
Ultra-distance challenge specialist Chris Hall is ... Read More
Fatigue and Recovery in Ultramarathon Running
There’s no doubt ultramarathon running is a toug... Read More
Sauna for Sports Performance and Recovery
When I first started out as a physiotherapist, I w... Read More
The Link between Genetics, Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer
Melanoma is a well-known enemy in Australia. It is... Read More
Is Warming Up for Cycling Worth It?
Warming up for sport is under the microscope at th... Read More
How to Remove Massage Oil Stains
Over time, massage oils, creams, and waxes can bui... Read More
The Ergogenic Window of Opportunity with Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Bicarbonate has been used by athletes for y... Read More
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