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Warming Up Has Changed

29 Jul 2020
Randall Cooper
It wasn’t all that long ago that a warm up consisted of some light jogging or riding, giving your hamstrings and calves a stretch, and off you go. Things have changed considerably. Whilst most people think that the warm up is for injury prevention, it’s actually more about improving performance.

In a systematic review, McGowan and colleagues (2015) from the University of Canberra and the Australian Institute of Sport concluded that an effective warm up that improves performance should comprise of the following elements;

  • Up to 15 minutes of aerobic activity
  • Activation sprints or ‘at speed’ efforts
  • Dynamic exercises that generate maximal or near-maximal neuromuscular activation
  • And for team sports, the addition of small sided game’s, which prime neural pathways and increase neuromuscular activation

A modern warm up now better primes many of the body systems that contribute to optimal sports performance; neuromuscular activation, optimal muscle tissue temperature, muscle energy physiology, and psychological readiness.

The ‘old school’ warm up also consisted of rubbing in heat “liniment”, and maybe scoffing a few jelly lollies just before it was time to go. These days, pro athletes are using evidence-based actives to get the body and mind ignited and ready for action.

Magnesium, caffeine, and sodium bicarbonate are all used by the pros and have scientific backing, and the days of the greasy oils and liniments are quickly fading away. These pore-clogging products negatively impact the ability of the skin to breath & sweat, and subsequently athlete performance as well.

A New Cream for a New Era

Innovation is in our DNA at Premax, and we’re committed and renowned for staying at the cutting edge of sports science and athlete performance. So, we’re super excited to bring you a new concept in performance skincare – the Premax Warm Up Cream Formula EP5.

Formula EP5 will get you ready for action like no other cream. Combining sodium bicarbonate, caffeine and magnesium in a skin-nourishing base that’s clean, breathable, and protects your skin from the elements, it’s a game changer – literally!

EP5 also contains an active ingredient that provides a comfortable warmth, but without the locker-room stink. We’ve infused this modern formula with lime, grapefruit and sweet orange that’s fresh and zesty giving your olfactory system a boost as well.

Oh, what’s EP5 mean? Five x Elite Performance; 1. Sodium Bicarbonate, 2. Magnesium, 3. Caffeine, 4. Warmth & 5. Weather Defence. We’ve just turned the sports liniment category on its head. Welcome to the 2020’s and the way we do things at Premax.

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