Jakara Anthony's Winter Essentials

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A selection of Freestyle skiing superstar and Olympic Gold Medalist, Jakara Anthony's essential Premax products.  Stay safe on on the snow and keep the body fresh with this limited time deal. 

Pack contains

3x Sunscreen for Sport SPF50+ 50mL
1x Weather Defence Facial Cream 50mL
1x Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 100g
1x Recovery Cream Sour Cherry 200mL

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Good to Know

“As a winter athlete, the full range of Premax products work together to keep my skin healthy and hydrated. The sunscreen is light and dry and combines perfectly with the weather defence facial cream. I can protect myself from sun, wind and cold with these two gems! I also rely on the warm up and recovery creams in my routine and help keep me 'out there'. The thing I love about Premax products is that they allow my skin to breathe, I can sweat normally and the bonus is they smell good too."

- Jakara Anthony, OAM, Olympic Gold Medalist, Women's Moguls, Beijing 2022

Sunscreen alone won't cut it

If you have spent time in the snow you will know how easy it is to get burnt. While we love the fresh powder, it is important to be aware that snow is highly reflective of UV radiation. Combined with cold conditions which dry out your skin, and the wind which exposes new more delicate skin cells, sunscreen alone just won't cut it in the mountains.

Take full care of your skin by combining Premax Sunscreen for Sport SPF50+ with our innovative Weather Defence Facial Cream.

Toasty on the snow 🔥
Fresh the next day

Our Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 is the perfect companion for the mountains. Containing the same weather defence properties as our facial cream along with a mild warming sensation to keep you toasty when it's fresh!

Finish your day with a hot shower followed by some self massage using our Recovery Cream Sour Cherry and we are sure you will be fresh and ready for day 2 on the slopes.