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A multi-purpose, skin & clothing friendly, ultra-endurance anti chafe balm. This product will help protect your skin from chafing, blisters, friction and rubbing as well as keeping your skin in good condition.

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Anti Friction Balm


Skin friendly formula
Long lasting
Wetsuit & clothing safe


Jess Trengove

Marathon Runner, Dual Olympian Jess
Anti Friction Balm Anti-friction balm is a must have for Marathoners. On race day I use it liberally on my feet and toes, plus other areas that are vulnerable to skin irritation from rubbing such as my crop top band. My partner Dylan and I have both been using the Premax Anti Friction Balm to prevent and manage blisters whilst travelling abroad and are very happy with the product. It’s small size makes it easy to travel with but it conveniently lasts for a very long time so we haven’t had to worry about replacing it whilst away!

Alex Price

Ironman Triathlete, Triathlon Physiotherapist (Australian National Team & Gong Wizards), Triathlon Coach Alex
Anti Friction Balm Being a triathlon coach, sports physio who works with elite triathletes, and a 10 x Ironman triathlon & Kona finisher myself I’ve used my fair share of anti friction products! Hand on heart, the Premax Anti Friction Balm is the best I’ve used. It is very easy to apply and I have never been chafed at all when I have used this product.

Rhiannon Hughes

Former Elite Rower, Triathlete Rhiannon
Anti Friction Balm Quite simply, it's the bee's knees! If you swim in a wetsuit, use a heart rate strap or wear anything else that rubs, then you simply can not go past Premax Anti Friction Balm. Not only is it the most magical balm I’ve come across, but its easy application is a dream and unlike some it does not mark your clothes/kit.


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