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Mick Hughes

Whether I’m treating sports injuries or keeping active myself, I’ll only use Premax massage creams and sports skincare products. I'm proud to offer you a special deal on Premax products below. Check them out! - Mick

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Thanks for visiting my Premax page! I have a special offer for you today. If you shop right now starting from this page, we'll also also include;
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Mick Hughes's favourite products

Massage Creams

Original Massage Cream

3 reviews
Massage Creams

Arnica Massage Cream

3 reviews
Massage Creams

Essential Massage Cream

3 reviews
Massage Lotion

Premax Massage Lotion

3 reviews
Sports Grip

Sports Grip

3 reviews
Anti Friction Balm

Anti Friction Balm

3 reviews
Sports Sunscreen

Sports Sunscreen SPF50+

3 reviews
Massage Creams

Professional’s Massage Pack

0 reviews
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