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16 Jul 2021  Randall Cooper

A #PremaxAthlete Breakfast

Read all about the most recent #PremaxAthlete event, and what our community means to us.



Our #PremaxAthletes are a worldwide community of like minded athletes, ranging all the way from Olympic levels to weekend warriors. They are supportive and energetic, with a mission to achieve their goals in sports. We take pride at Premax for every achievement they accomplish and the community they themselves create, and so we were very excited to be able to get most of our Melbournian ambassadors in the same room last weekend! 



 Our #PremaxAthletes are what we believe make our brand unique. The community is such a fundamental aspect of the brand, and they play such a big role in making sure we are always creating exactly what athletes want, need, and ask for. 


The breakfast was the perfect opportunity for our Athletes to meet, some for the first time, and with such a love for sport, passion for the brand, and an eagerness to socialise after countless lockdowns, there was endless conversation. 




Having such a diverse mix of Ambassadors is so important, and when Randall spoke to the group about our journey, from his time as a Sports Physiotherapist at Hawthorn, to establishing Premax in 2006 with the aim to change the game in Performance Skincare, this was evident. Our Melbournian Ambassadors are some of longest standing, and have been with Randall from the early days, involved in our photoshoots and many product developments. Plus, we love adding new faces to the group, and journey, every year. 


None of our #PremaxAthletes stories are the same as another, and it’s something we hugely value, and why our #PremaxAthletes are really at the core of our brand. We can’t wait to bring more of you together in the future. Thank you to our Melbournian Ambassadors for coming, and for creating an incredibly inspiring breakfast for all in attendance. 



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Randall Cooper

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Written By

Randall Cooper

Randall is an experienced Sports Physiotherapist, Founder and CEO of Premax, Adjunct Lecturer at the La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, and Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

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