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30 Apr 2020  Randall Cooper

Tierney Maude Sports Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur and lives the Premax difference for her athletes!

Tierney Maude Female Health Practitioner. Tierney started as a swimmer and swiftly moved into sports massage and opening up opportunities with some of the best teams in the world.

The Tierney Maude Journey


It Started with Sport

I swam all the way through high school and university. I loved it. I must have been 16 when the local college offered free evening courses for students and one of those courses happened to be an introduction to Swedish Massage. I signed up and did 3 hours every Tuesday night for 6 months and I loved it. Part of me wasn’t sure what I wanted to study at university, but I enjoyed sport and loved exercise, so I went on to study Sports and Exercise Science at Loughborough University. After university, my first job was working at a bike shop in London called Sigma Sports. Working there opened up all sorts of opportunities in the cycling and triathlon world. I was quite good in the open water and could swim and run so I started to take up triathlons, more out of enjoyment rather than competitively. However, after 6 months of working at Sigma I felt I needed to continue to develop my skills further and went on to study sports massage at St Mary’s University in Twickenham. After completing that course I felt confident enough to open up my own massage room at Sigma, spreading my wings and giving me a taste of running my own business, which was an incredible experience.



Working in Elite Sport & What It Means

I did the cardinal sin of working at events for free. People would contact me and say “can you come to Mallorca and work with our cycling team? There’s no pay, but we’ll cover your costs and guarantee some sunshine”. Of course, I said yes. Too many times! These trips and unpaid hours were hard work and challenging financially, however over the long term they were worth it. I’ve been fortunate enough to work at the highest level in GB cycling, and I really enjoyed being part of the support role and helping athletes achieve their goals. Sometimes I question it and ask myself if it’s worth it, but the opportunity to work with these world class athletes reminds me that it is. Professionally, seeing what makes the people I work with tick and helping them get the most out of themselves is incredibly rewarding. I’m a continual learner, and I get an enormous amount of benefit watching the athletes go about their craft – seeing what works for them, and how and why they can perform at their best when it matters.



Roadside Therapy

I had a friend who used to provide massage services to cycling events, and I helped her out from time to time. She had twins and stopped working, so I took over managing sports therapy services for these events. It’s started off small, with the event companies only requiring two therapists. I would just have to find a friend to help me out in the early days. However, as the event companies grew, so did we and now we’re at the point where we can choose which events we cover which is great. My business is called Roadside Therapy, and we’re now providing sports therapy services all over the UK and Europe. The massage and support services are very reviewable by the participants, so the feedback along the way has allowed us to continue to provide an ever-improving service. We’re always aiming to keep a smile on people’s faces! Growth has been a relatively slow process, but that process has allowed us to get a grip of what is required for us to give the best service possible, and it’s all been a big learning opportunity. It's been a long journey!



Why I Love Premax

I personally love the products, I think they’re brilliant. When I worked with other therapists I noticed that many of them use coconut oil, and I personally couldn’t handle leaving athletes’ skin so greasy and not being able to sweat properly, so the ability of Premax’s Massage Cream to wipe off clean and leave the skin fresh and clean is unique and what athletes need. Even for me from a girl’s perspective, I used to struggle with skin issues around my face because I’d always be brushing the hair off my face with my greasy hands full of lotion, and that would really impact my skin. But since using Premax the issue has completely gone away and my skin is back to normal. I know it’s a ‘girl thing’, but it makes such a difference to my life! I also love how Premax’s products last so long. When I look at the tub of cream I’m using I think I’ll go through it really quickly, but the creams just keep going and going. It’s like Mary Poppins’ handbag!



Apart from the massage creams and lotion, being involved in cycling has allowed me to see the impact of Premax on the cycling community. I was in my local bike shop the other day and saw some new riders looking at the Premax products. I went over and told them about why they should use Chamois Cream and that the pros use Premax. There’s no other brand like Premax that services both practitioners and athletes so well, and that’s especially true here in the UK, so I think the brand has so much potential and room to make a big impact here. There certainly isn’t anything that compares to Premax. It’s five-star.


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Written By

Randall Cooper

Randall is an experienced Sports Physiotherapist, Founder and CEO of Premax, Adjunct Lecturer at the La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, and Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

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