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A premium, super long-lasting chamois cream providing anti-bacterial protection, skin nourishing and moisturising in a female-specific pH balanced formula. This rich and efficacious cream will keep you extremely comfortable and your skin in optimal condition on the longest of rides.

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Chamois Cream for Women

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport



Gemma Mollenhauer

Chamois Cream for Women I've tried a lot of chamois creams and Premax is the only one that lasts for long rides, doesn't feel gross to use and has noticeably reduced my saddle-related issues. Highly rate/can't live without

Ella Falzarano

Chamois Cream for Women Nothing better than a chamois cream that works. Makes any length of time comfortable on the bike.

Bree Ryan

Chamois Cream for Women Absolutely love this product. Have tried several different brands over the last 5 years and this is hands down the best. Really happy with it.

Gina Ricardo

Chamois Cream for Women One of my pre-riding essentials… Thank you Premax for making my riding experience that much better… Chafing is just one of the nasties of cycling that’s inevitable but the women’s chamois cream does wonders to prevent it from happening.

Lucy Kennedy

Chamois Cream for Women Premax chamois cream for women mean it's only your legs that get sore from long days in the saddle! It doesn't irritate the skin and the anti-bacterial properties help prevent saddle sores. 

Olivia Herring

Chamois Cream for Women This is one of the best most long lasting chamois creams I have ever used. I love the slightly thicker texture than others as it doesn’t wear off or soak into the padding. 

Marie-Louise Kertzman

Chamois Cream for Women Love the smell and texture of this cream - it's perfect for long rides and days in the saddle. I no longer worry about chafing or soreness since using this cream - thank you!


Chamois Cream for Women Love the Chamois cream!! Creamy enough and not too thick, but gets the job done and long lasting on big rides! Highly recommend.


Chamois Cream for Women A fantastic product! As someone who struggles with delicate skin, it’s a must-have for all my rides, including on the trainer at home. Thick enough to last, thin enough to apply easily, and in a squeeze tube that means no mess or contamination concerns.

Sam Menteith

Chamois Cream for Women As much as I have good kit when riding, I never hop on my bike without using this chamois cream. It is amazing! When training for my first IM, I spent hours on the bike week in week out for months, and this cream ensured that I was able to focus on my training. An essential part of any kit! Cannot recommend highly enough.

Michelle Crick

Chamois Cream for Women Really loving the cream whislt I've ramped up my km's and time on the bike for a big event. Never missed a beat and my rear is staying comfy!

Sheryl Rotondo

Chamois Cream for Women Absolutely love this product. If I'm planning a long training ride, or participating in a gran fondo cycle event (over 100km's), Everesting on the bike - I will allows use this product for peace of mind and comfort. Best product ever!

Steph G

Chamois Cream for Women I’ve been using Premax Chamois cream for women for a number of years now! Absolutely will not get on the bike without it!

Monique Hitchcock

Chamois Cream for Women

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport

Being the leader in superior sports skincare, we strive to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance so that we are always at the forefront, enabling athletes to perform at their best.
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