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A high glide, premium quality massage lotion that is long lasting, wipes off easily, and moisturises the skin. Premax Massage Lotion is a fantastic alternative to massage oil, massage cream, or sorbolene cream.

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Premax Massage Lotion


Light resistance
Shea Butter
Long Lasting
For professional and home use


Zuzana Machotka

Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist North Melbourne Football Club & Complete Sports Care, Researcher - La Trobe University, Australia Zuzana
Premax Massage Lotion I’m a huge fan of, and use the entire Premax range. The Massage Lotion in a pump bottle is perfect on the sidelines at the football. The Anti Friction Cream is really effective in preventing chafing under the arms with shoulder tape. In the clinic, the Essential Massage Cream with the butters and citrus oils is just beautiful. I love the smell and consistency. It’s all great!

Dan Guillemette

Team Physiotherapist, Mitchelton-Scott UCI World Tour Team Dan
Premax Massage Lotion For years, I have spent over 200 days a year on the road with professional cycling teams. For the massage creams and lotions that I use, I need them to be reliable, portable, and of high quality. The cyclists won’t permit anything else! Premax Massage Lotion ticks all those boxes, and some more again. It’s high glide consistency, skin friendly properties, and non-greasiness are world class. It’s a fantastic product both for me and our athletes.

Alisa Camplin

Olympic Gold Medallist, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach & Company Director, OAM, Australia Alisa
Premax Massage Lotion I’m very proud that I was there at the beginning of the Premax journey with Randall, helping him a little to test and refine the first ever Premax creams. It’s now the go-to brand for sports skincare for athletes and elite sporting teams, and it’s great to watch this Aussie brand continue to develop both here and overseas.


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