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A restorative and soothing cream formulated to assist recovery from sports and exercise. With ingredients such as niacinamide, allantoin and arnica, this cream will help soothe distressed skin and the sweet almond, shea and cocoa butter will help restore skin hydration and resilience.


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Recovery Cream Sour Cherry

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport

Niacinamide, Allantoin & Arnica
Restorative & Soothing
Sour Cherry Extract, Omega-3 & Omega-6
Sweet Almond, Shea & Cocoa Butter


Mollie Laurens-Chalmers

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry As an average athlete, it can be hard to find a balance between an affordable product and an effective product for recovery - and the new PremaXrecovery Sour Cherry cream really does tick both boxes. Effective, easy to absorb into the skin and helps you to recover efficiently for your next adventure.

Jo Meek

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry Smooth to the touch thanks to the shea and cocoa butter, delicate smell (absolutely love the cherry extract) and absorbs easily without any greasiness. Perfect post run recovery too thanks to the arnica!

Adrien Colussi

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I have weakness in my knees when I run downhill. I tested the recovery cream after a heavy downhill workout. The effects started 5min after the application, a very pleasant texture, and I think one of the strong points at Premax: Their cream smells good! I recommend the Recovery cream to accompany you in your recovery process.

Laura Vainionpää

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I’ve been using the cream now for about a week and I just love it! First of all already the smell is nice when you open the tube. Ive been using it for my legs in the evening after work and training and it gives my legs lighter feeling and they feel more fresh! Also my skin feels so smooth and soft after using it! :) It is definitely part of my recovery routine already now.

Sean Bell

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I’m really loving the Recovery Cream! Yesterday I woke up with a sore neck and traps/upper back, so I put the recovery cream to the test before bed and woke up feeling so much better today! I used it again this morning after my hard running & resistance training sessions and I feel great. It is definitely helping my body recover quickly!

Dagmar and Daphne

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry What immediately makes us happy is the content of the tube, 200ml! The scent is fairly neutral, nothing dominates. This cream restores our skin after an intensive trail run, we often have scratches on our legs or bruises, and this recovery cream contains Arnica which ensures that it recovers quickly. The skin feels soft and hydrated after use. This is THE addition to recover well!

Geoff Rideout

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I’ve been mainly using the Recovery Cream on my lower legs around the calf areas after running. The two words that come to mind for how it feels after application is ‘light’ and ‘fresh’. The cream absorbs straight into the skin, there’s no residue or sticky feeling. My skin feels great after using it which helps to prepare for the next round of training. It’s a strong addition to the current Premax range.

Andy Lanskis

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry loving using the Recovery Cream - Sour Cherry. It is really easy to apply and has a great texture and a wonderful subtle bouquet. It has a warming, almost tingling effect on the muscles - which feels great after exercise and shower. Will continue to use this - as it certainly has psychological "wellness feeling".

Kate Allen

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry So far it's proving to be great. I've suffered with Achilles problems for years and always have to massage my achilles and calves for ages after a long run, particularly if there is incline involved. I did a steep 20km trial run the other day and after a hot shower spent some time massaging the Sour Cherry Recovery Cream into my achilles. I also used my Tens machine afterwards. Usually I'm limping a little after a long run but not this week! I've had absolutely no issues whatsoever with my achilles and really do believe that the recovery cream is the main reason for this. It smells amazing, no stickiness or greasiness and my legs were very grateful indeed. Thank you for so much for bringing out another amazing product and once again thank you for the ongoing support from Premax.

Eliza Solly

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry The Recovery Cream Sour Cherry covers those 1 percenters so when I use it I know I’ll always be fresh and ready to train and compete.

Lucy Edwards

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I got back from a long training ride to find the Recovery Cream waiting for me- perfect timing! I expected it to smell strongly of sour cherry, but it actually has the same fresh scent as the other products in the Premax range. The cream absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I'm using the Recovery Cream alongside massage, rest, hydration and nutrition to help me recover after racing and training.

Lex Albrecht

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry Premax's new Sour Cherry Recovery Cream has already become part of my routine as I've been training for Race Across America, the World's Toughest Race. When I first got the cream, I did a couple of test runs to see what it would be like if I used it only on one leg at a time (that's the medical biologist in me). I notice a difference in how much less fatigue soreness I feel in my legs with the Sour Cherry Recovery Cream. It's a pretty cool compliment to the Warm Up Cream. Love the texture of it too!

Scott Cadby

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry Randall and the team at Premax have done it again! I have religiously used multiple Premax products every single day of my life for the last 4 years - for both use during training/racing and my every day life. One application I felt that was missing from the Premax range was a recovery cream but as soon as I realised that I heard about this amazing new product. I have been using the Premax Recovery Cream for a couple of weeks now and absolutely LOVE IT. I have found that it’s particularly useful after heavy training sessions - especially when my skin has been exposed to harsh and inclement weather conditions. The Recovery Cream is also great to use post swim sessions where I always feel like my skin has taken a beating from salt water or chlorine. Like with all Premax products the Recovery Cream absorbs into the skin easily, is non greasy and smells great. My only issue is that I have been using the cream so much that I fear I am going to run out. I can’t speak more highly of this product and thoroughly recommend it. Well done Randall

Luke De-Ben

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry This new Premax product is a perfect mix of high quality ingredients that assist my recovery after exercise. Premax have done it again #5stars!!!

Damien Brown

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I have used the cream a few times and it’s seriously amazing! It allows me the opportunity to get straight back into training the next day. It’s an absolute game changer in the recovery world!!

Nicole Frain

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I was super excited to receive my recovery cream in the mail, and it didn't disappoint. The formula is really smooth and gentle on the skin perfect for self recovery or if your helping someone else, this will definitely be a go-to into my recovery routine.

Emily Watts

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry Premax Recovery cream is recovery genius. The product provides your very sore legs with cooling properties and relief after any type of training. For me after a training session the first thing I think of is ‘what is the best way I can recover my muscles to be able perform the next day of training’. Premax recovery cream has become my go to product after a shower to moisturise and work its recovery magic.


Recovery Cream Sour Cherry
Recovery Cream Sour Cherry I've used the Recovery cream after my long runs and heavy workouts and the cream works a treat! It surprises me how good it is, releases most of the tension in the muscles and smells great too


Recovery Cream Sour Cherry This stuff is amazing! It helps take pain away and really continue to focus on your exercise. Love it!

Aleks S

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry


Recovery Cream Sour Cherry Have only been using it a few times and what a difference! After some long runs using this and the next morning no muscle soreness or ache! Will be using this on a regular basis with my running, cannot highly recommend

Mary Mitchell

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry Lovely to apply post exercise. Great texture, quickly absorbed, smells good. Not sure how beneficial it is as I have only started using it and applied a couple of times but that being said my legs didn’t feel as heavy the next day.

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport

Being the leader in superior sports skincare, we strive to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance so that we are always at the forefront, enabling athletes to perform at their best.
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