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Michael Montgomery, ATC, LMT

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 I absolutely love using the Warm Creme Formula EP5! Would you ever consider making it in lotion/creme form for general/specific sports massage, with or without the warmth? The scent of lime, sweet orange and grapefruit has my athletes going crazy, they love it. Hope you consider it.

Nina Ananidis

Anti Friction Balm for Women Best anti chafing product around and can be used safely with a wetsuit. If you happen to forget to put it on and end up with some chafing, it is an excellent healing creme.

Nina Ananidis

Weather Defence Facial Cream Acts like a moisturising non greasy barrier creme preventing skin from drying out in harsh conditions.

Nina Ananidis

Sports Sunscreen

Michelle Crick

Chamois Cream for Women Really loving the cream whislt I've ramped up my km's and time on the bike for a big event. Never missed a beat and my rear is staying comfy!

Michelle Crick

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 I was a bit skeptical about this cream having used another oil based option for years! However the first ride was a bit chilly and wet and it worked a treat! Normally at the cafe with wet kit my legs would be shaking and feeling the cold but my legs hadd a warm feeling the whole time! Great staple for anyride now!

Matthew R

Chamois Cream for Men What a relief for the tender nether regions!

Kathy McConville

Activate Massage Cream My number one product when working with my Ironman athletes. Fresh smell and packed with fab ingredients. As a therapist it provides me with the perfect glide and consistency giving good control when working with soft tissue. My athletes often comment on the smell and want to know more about the product. On returning they often ask if I can use the same product. Love the Premax brand and also use the sports lotion, essential and arnica products.

Rebecca McConnell

Sports Sunscreen I love Premax sunscreen. It works well and lasts for hours, doesn't wear off with sweat and dust, and even better it is gentle on my sensitive skin.

Nick Canterbury

Chamois Cream for Men This has been a blessing through lockdown with the increase in time on the trainer


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