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A dry, non-greasy, broad spectrum sunscreen formulated just for sports and exercise. UVB & UVA protection in a 4-hour water & sweat resistant formula. Athletes will appreciate the dry and breathable texture, allowing the skin to perspire normally optimising thermoregulation and athletic performance.

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Sports Sunscreen

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport



Katie Lynch

Sports Sunscreen "Love Premax's Sports Sunscreen because it protects me without sweating off everywhere like all the other suncreens do. My outdoor exercise staple"

Paul Donaldson

Sports Sunscreen The sunscreen feels like one of the first genuinely developed for athletes that has high functionality

John Wylie

Sports Sunscreen Protects me from the harsh Australian sun without compromising performance

Lucia Azzopardi

Sports Sunscreen I have found other sports sunscreens to be so thick and clog my pores which = giving me pimples. However this sunscreen is so light and sinks in instantly, highly recommend for clear skin!

Elise Quarrington

Sports Sunscreen This is by far my favourite product on the market, it isn’t sticky, it doesn’t sweat off, its factor 50 so I know I’m being protected out there on the bike.

Jana Gibalova

Sports Sunscreen Living in high altitude means you need to go the extra mile when it comes to skin care. With Premax you can run that mile.

Kurt McDonald

Sports Sunscreen I was shocked at just how much better the Premax Sports Sunscreen performs during exercise than regular sunscreens. After application it does not turn into a greasy hassle and remains effective through sweat. Stay safe this summer and treat yourself to the Premax Sports Sunscreen. 

Lucy Kennedy

Sports Sunscreen I've never been sunburned while using Premax sunscreen, while it is light and non-greasy to wear.

Natalie Sinke

Sports Sunscreen I hardly ever used proper UV protection products while running, as they tend to be so sticky and feel like an extra layer on your skin. The Premax Sunscreen is so light and is so quickly absorbed that you don’t feel it after applying. So no more excuses, my shoulders say thank you!

Eliza Solly

Sports Sunscreen Sailing exposes you to all of natures elements and for a long period of time. I feel confident putting on Premax Sports Sunscreen that I am protected from the sun and I won’t be left with clogged pores or any redness after a long day on the water. The water resistant qualities are also superior so I can trust that no product will run into my eyes when wet. 

Gina Ricardo

Sports Sunscreen I use this every day – literally the best sunscreen I have ever used, and I use it every time I leave the house for a ride. It’s non-greasy (for reals) and feels great on your skin, plus actually stays on despite water/sweat. The new small packaging is great too for taking with you on the road, or when travelling.


Sports Sunscreen Best sunscreen for running! I’ve been using Premax products for a few years now, and I love them. The sunscreen is really light and not greasy like a lot of the others. I have sensitive skin sometimes and even after long runs on really hot days I haven’t had an issue. Now my boys are starting to join me on runs and I use it for them too. Great product!

Sam Menteith

Sports Sunscreen This sunscreen is awesome! As a triathlete, I am exposed to the sun for long hours. The consistency and feel on the skin Is amazing for sensitive skin, and doesn’t feel greasy at all. During my first Ironman, this sunscreen gave me lasting protection I needed.

Nick Canterbury

Sports Sunscreen Goes on light and not at all greasy which makes it perfect for use while out riding. I can't see myself using any other sunscreen again

Rebecca McConnell

Sports Sunscreen I love Premax sunscreen. It works well and lasts for hours, doesn't wear off with sweat and dust, and even better it is gentle on my sensitive skin.

Nina Ananidis

Sports Sunscreen


Sports Sunscreen Used the sunscreen for the first time today in unbroken sunshine and temp of 24C , a 5 hour 70mile sweaty bike ride and didn't get burnt at all, best sunscreen I have ever used.

Kelly Mayhew

Sports Sunscreen The sunscreen is fantastic! I’ve worn it everyday under makeup for work and it even lasted until I washed it off after my workout at the end of the day. I’ll definitely be repurchasing it and would highly recommend it!

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport

Being the leader in superior sports skincare, we strive to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance so that we are always at the forefront, enabling athletes to perform at their best
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