Randall Cooper is the founder and CEO of Premax. He is an internationally recognised APA titled Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists, Adjunct Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, and co-Author of the world’s best selling sports medicine textbook ‘Clinical Sports Medicine.’  Having spent over 20 years working with some of the world’s most notable sporting organisations, including the Australian Winter Olympic Team, Hawthorn Football Club and the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, Randall has played a pivotal role in the injury management and success of numerous Olympic champions and professional athletes.

Randall’s journey into sports and health started at the age of 16 after a skiing accident left him with a torn ACL and MCL, and subsequent complications. Having spent months in hospital and rehabilitation, Randall knew that his calling lay in helping people stay active and achieve their physical goals despite adversity.

While you won't find Randall in the clinic as much these days his perpetual passion for keeping people active and achieving their physical goals still lies at the heart of everything he does. Premax is a bit like Randall - a vehicle to help people live healthy, active lives, and the same is true for his other venture, Learn.Physio – an online education platform for health professionals designed to facilitate knowledge sharing from the world's leading experts.


Randall has spent countless hours treating world class athletes with much of this work requiring the use of massage and sports creams. After a while he began noticing that his athletes would wash off the sports creams he used straight after treatment. When asked about this his athletes would explain that they felt that the creams inhibited their performance, they were greasy, distracting, pore-clogging and didn’t allow the skin to breathe. Randall began experimenting with all the options he could find on the market but continually ran into the same problems and complaints.

Dissatisfied with the creams at his disposal Randall set about creating his own products. Products that were non-greasy, tactile, breathable and that provided a superior skin experience. From here Premax was born and because Randall believes that athletes and practitioners deserve better our product range continues to expand, meeting the needs of athletes across an ever increasing range of sports.


Randall plays an active role in all our product development. Drawing on his extensive research experience and years spent in elite sport, Randall ensures we develop products that are needed, effective, and backed by science. Working closely with multiple suppliers, chemical engineers, sports medicine specialists & elite athletes across multiple sports. Randall is a key reason why Premax is the leader in sports skincare, with innovative products that exceed the expectations and needs of active individuals.