"Which massage cream or lotion should I use?" This is a question we get asked a lot here at Premax so we have put together a comprehensive guide to  help. The primary function of massage mediums is of course to provide lubrication to reduce the friction between the hands and skin, however not all massage creams and lotions are alike. Selecting products with a suitable level of traction for different techniques and which contain ingredients that complement the therapeutic intention is an important consideration.

All Premax massage products are formulated with a unique combination of ingredients and provide varying levels of resistance to provide therapists with different options depending on massage technique required.  Like everything Premax, our massage products are loaded with skin nourishing ingredients that provide a superior experience for patients and therapists alike.

So what Premax products should you use? Here’s a quick run-down of what to use and when. 

Pre-Event or Warm Up Massage

Pre-event massage is all about preparing athletes for athletic activity, so massage should be quick and firm to stimulate the muscles and skin. For athletes that like some ‘heat’, the Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 is a great option. The Warm Up Cream is a heat rub that gradually sinks into the skin, so for therapists who are looking to massage an area for more than a couple of minutes we recommend combining it with the Premax Classic Massage Lotion.

Stuart Hinds combines the Warm Up Cream and Classic Massage Lotion

Our massage cream alternative for pre-event massage is the Activate Massage Cream. It’s a medium resistance cream with a fresh and uplifting mint and lemon scent that contains caffeine and magnesium helping stimulate and prepare the skin and body for exercise and sport. 

General Clinical Massage

For general massage of medium to large areas a cream or lotion with a moderate to high glide that allows long, broad strokes whilst still providing tactility and therapist ‘feel’ is recommended. Premax has two products that are ideal for these techniques, our Classic Massage Lotion and Essential Massage Cream.

The Classic Massage Lotion is our highest glide product and comes in a 1L pump. It’s unscented and skin conditioning and can be used on all body areas. The Essential Massage Cream has more resistance than the Classic Massage Lotion, and combines a citrus blend of essential oils with natural waxes and bentonite clay. The Essential is terrific for hairy legs, or the middle back area where you need a middle-ground balance of grip and glide.

Premax Classic Lotion is excellent for everyday clinical use.

High Traction Techniques and Myofascial Release

When you need some traction and grip, look no further than the Premax Original Massage Cream. This cream has a higher percentage of waxes and clay, so it allows the therapist to traction the skin with myofascial and forearm/elbow techniques. With peppermint and lavender, this cream has a soothing but fresh scent helping patients relax during firm techniques. 


Massaging Injured and Tender Areas

Our Arnica Massage Cream is the go to option for treating patients with injuries. It contains arnica, olive oil and ginger which can assist with bruising and injury recovery. It’s a gentle and soothing cream and has a similar texture and resistance to the Essential Massage Cream.

Premax Arnica is perfect for injured and tender areas

Premax Arnica Massage Cream   

Post Event or Recovery Massage

Recovery massage, also known as post event massage can be used after an exercise session to help reduce muscle tension, soreness (DOMS) and promote a state of relaxation. Our Recovery Cream Sour Cherry is a wonderful choice for this type of massage. It contains a highly unique blend of restorative ingredients such as sour cherry extract, omega-3, arnica, and skin soothing ingredients such as niacinamide and allantoin. Like the Warm Up Cream, the Recovery Cream will be absorbed by the skin so for long lasting high-glide massage we recommend combining it with our Classic Massage Lotion or Arnica Massage Cream.

Premax Warm Up Cream and Recovery Cream are available in a 1L professional size 

Premax Warm Up and Recovery Cream's are now available in 1L pumps


We have filmed a series presented by Stuart Hinds which runs through how he integrates all the products mentioned above into his treatments. Check out and subscribe to the Premax YouTube Channel to watch Stuart at work. For all you practitioners out there who would like to enquire about wholesale-direct and retail opportunities with Premax, click here