Founded by Sports Physiotherapist Randall Cooper, we are the pioneers of performance skincare.

Randall has been at the heart of elite sport in Australia for over 20 years, working with Olympic and professional sports teams throughout the country. Having spent countless hours treating world class athletes, he found they would be grateful for his treatments, but not the creams he would apply. They were greasy, distracting, pore-clogging and didn’t allow the skin to breathe. Dissatisfied with the sports creams at his disposal Randall set about creating his own range of sports creams. After years of research and testing Premax was born. Our creams are unlike anything on the market, non-greasy, breathable, skin conditioning, and designed to meet the needs of sport at the highest level.

Premax was born in elite sport but no matter what your level or ambitions may be, Premax will help you exceed them. 


Our skin is the body's largest organ, protecting us from irritants and infections, and plays a critical role in regulating our body temperature. Most of us are aware of the need to take care of our fitness but fail to consider the fitness of our skin. As athletes we expose our skin to the harshest of conditions, whether that be constant rubbing, sun, wind, or cold, all of which can dry out and damage our skin. Blisters, chafing, and sunburn are just a few of the debilitating consequences which can occur. Thankfully Premax has you covered.

All our products are formulated to protect and condition so you can focus on your performance while we take care of your skin.


Sweat plays a central role in athletic performance, allowing the body to regulate its temperature. Unfortunately studies have shown that using the wrong sun screen or sports cream can inhibit sweat production just as much as a dedicated anti-perspirant. If we restrict the ability of our skin to sweat then we can't cool down properly, leading to a dramatic decrease in athletic performance, and don't get us started on blocked pores! That's why all our products are formulated to work with your skin, not against it, allowing it to breath and sweat. We even have products specifically formulated to restore and replenish your skin after exercise, keeping your skin looking and feeling better than ever.


We pride ourselves on innovation, and setting the benchmark in all our product categories. We spend an enormous amount of time researching and developing our products to ensure they are up to date with the latest scientific studies and listen to the needs of athletes. We strongly believe that athletes deserve better. Our continual quest to improve, innovate, and never compromise on quality is what makes us who we are.