Weather Defence Facial Cream


An exercise-specific, facial cream that protects the skin, acting as a barrier against harsh, cold, and windy weather conditions. Packed full of natural oils, extracts and emollients, this amazing cream will keep your skin protected, nourished and hydrated no matter what nature dishes out.

Can be paired with Premax Sunscreen for Sport SPF 50+ for the ultimate protection.

Australian Made

Tested on Athletes not Animals

Focused on Performance

Proven in Elite Sport


Castor Seed & Macadamia Seed Oil

Two protective, breathable oils that complement skin sebum and provide an effective barrier to the elements.

Rosehip Oil & Sweet Orange Peel Oil

Packed with essential fatty acids and high in Vitamin C these two wonders boost skin renewal and skin cell repair.

Aloe Vera & Lavender Oil

Two tried and trusted natural ingredients that soothe skin

Shea Butter

High in fatty acids and vitamins, shea butter soaks into skin creating a moisture-sealed barrier keeping your skin hydrated, soft and enhancing repair


"When I’m putting in those long hours running or cycling, battling the wind and rain, my skin can easily become dry and uncomfortable. That’s where Premax Weather Defence cream steps in as my go-to saviour."

Kelly Egan

2 x Ironman | 2 x 70.3 | 2nd place at World Duathlon Championships | 100km Ultra Marathon

"I absolutely love the Premax Weather Defence Facial Cream, especially when riding in wintery Canberra mornings! It stops my face from drying out and protects it from wind burn!"

Katherine Hosking

Mountain Bike Rider | Member of Australian Mountain Bike Team - Orbea Women’s Racing


#1 year round protection

Your skin deserves a cream that can keep up with an active lifestyle all year round, even through storming headwinds, stinging cold and pouring rain

#2 partnership perfection

When combined with our Sunscreen for Sport SPF 50+, together, they form a powerful shield against the sun's damaging rays and harsh weather conditions

#3 for all outdoor sports

Whether you're hitting the slopes, road, trail, track, water, field or court this dynamic duo will keep you protected

From Everest to Your Daily Routine

Premax Weather Defence is your daily skin companion, enriched with nourishing ingredients like macadamia, rosehip, shea butter, and aloe vera. Whether you're conquering Everest or braving frosty commutes to the office, it keeps your skin soft and supple throughout any adventure.

Hydration Equals Activation

Stay hydrated and shielded from windburn and the elements during cold winters with our exercise-specific Weather Defence Facial Cream. Its unique blend of essential oils creates a lightweight protective barrier that absorbs quickly, never weighing you down or clogging your pores.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Does this contain SPF? 

Our Weather Defence Cream doesn't include SPF protection. For comprehensive sun protection, we recommend pairing it with Premax Sunscreen for Sport SPF 50+. Start by applying the sunscreen first, allowing it to dry, and then follow with Weather Defence Cream. Remember to reapply in the same order to ensure you're well-protected. This combination provides you with the ultimate defense against both weather elements and harmful UV rays.

Why is it important to protect against windburn?

Windburn – for outdoor athletes the wind can cause irritation and damage to the outer layer of your skin, especially of the cheeks and nose. There is some research to suggests that superficial skin cells can also be sloughed off in the wind exposing newer, more delicate skin underneath increasing the chance of damage by the sun’s damaging UV rays.

How long before I exercise should I apply?

Apply 10-15 minutes before exercise to clean, dry skin.  Reapply every 3-4 hours, however, for best results clean your face before reapplication if possible.