Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 - 100g

An invigorating and zesty heat cream with the added benefits of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, caffeine, and a blend of natural ingredients to protect the skin from the rain, wind and cold. Providing moderate warmth, a subtle scent, and a silky smooth, breathable texture this luxurious cream is the perfect companion for any athlete training in colder climates. 

Australian Made

Tested on Athletes not Animals

Focused on Performance

Proven in Elite Sport



A gentle and comfortable warming agent with a low irritation profile that lasts for ages

Castor Seed & Macadamia Seed Oil

Two protective, breathable oils that complement skin sebum and provide an effective barrier to the elements

lime, grapefruit & Sweet Orange

These ingredients smell divine, are high in antioxidants and have anti-bacterial properties that will help protect and repair your skin

Sodium Bicarbonate, Caffeine & Magnesium

Evidence based ingredients that help invigorate, stimulate and prepare the skin and body for exercise and sport


I love the Premax WarmUp Cream EP5, especially for the Wet & Cold rainy days when training and racing. It’s super impressive against the rain and will not come off no matter the conditions!

Connor Sens

Australian Gravel Champion

As a winter athlete I have two favourite products that I love using. My first is the Premax Warm Up Cream, it's a great way to get warmth into your muscle on those cold mornings. I also love the Anti Friction Balm, as a para athlete I cannot train legs so I rely on my upper body everyday. Using the balm helps me push my workouts everyday to maximise my performance.

Sam Tait

2 x Australian Winter Paralympic Ahtlete in Para Alpine Ski Racing


#1 Invigorating Boost

Unlock your potential with our invigorating formula, tailored to amplify performance for both novices and seasoned athletes.

#2 Game-Changing Prep

Our revolutionary warm-up cream redefines athlete prep, ensuring peak readiness and optimal output for every session.

#3 Lasting Comfort

Delve into prolonged comfort with our distinct formula, balancing warmth with subtle scents, for undistracted, comfortable training.

Amplify your performance

Our dynamic warming component provides a gentle and lasting warmth that activates your skin, heightening proprioception. This primes you for peak athletic performance without the discomfort of strong odours.

Weather Protection

Designed to allow your skin to breathe naturally, our powerful blend shields against harsh winds and freezing temperatures. It prevents damage, dryness, and redness while optimising thermoregulation, so you can focus on your game despite the elements.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


How long before I exercise should I apply? 

We recommend applying our Warm-Up Cream 5-10 minutes before exercise to clean, dry skin. This allows the product ample time to absorb and activate, ensuring that it's fully effective when you're ready to get going. Don’t use too much! A little goes along way.

What does a Warm Up Cream do?

Our Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 is designed to stimulate the nociceptor (pain) sensory neurons providing a feeling of warmth. Whilst this cream doesn’t actually increase muscle or skin temperature, the sense of warmth can improve muscle tone and readiness for activity.

Where should I use Warm Up Cream?

This product is formulated to be applied to moderate-large areas, such as your legs (ankles to upper thighs) for running athletes and your neck, shoulders and upper arms for overhead athletes. Ensure product is rubbed in well using firm and quick massage strokes before starting to sweat. Avoid touching your face and sensitive areas. Wash hands after application.