Clarifying Shampoo De-Chlorine


A deeply cleansing yet gentle shampoo packed full of Australian natural ingredients such as Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum, Desert Lime and Macadamia Oil formulated specifically for chlorine exposed hair. With a fresh lemon scent and luxurious texture this swim-specific shampoo is the ultimate in removing chlorine, salt water, impurities and green tint. 

Can be paired with the Premax Repair Deep Conditioner for unsurpassed water sport haircare.

Save 10% off RRP when you purchase as a Shampoo & Conditioner Duo pack.

Australian Made

Tested on Athletes not Animals

Focused on Performance

Proven in Elite Sport



These two Australian natives help cut through chlorine, minerals and product build up leaving your hair super-clean


Packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, Kakadu Plum will strengthen hair, lock in moisture to keep hair hydrated


High in fatty acids, magnesium and Vitamin E, macadamia seed oil will transform dry, damaged hair and reduce frizz


Ultra-moisturising and soothing to the scalp, this natural wonder will also help restore moisture and strengthen hair


"I HAVE SPENT SOOO MUCH MONEY ON HAIR PRODUCTS TO TRY AND SAVE MY HAIR FROM THE CHLORINE. Since using Premax for the past 2 weeks my hair has never felt healthier!"

Kareena Lee

Australian Swim Team #753, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bronze Medallist, Women’s 10k Open Water Marathon Swim

"The best shampoo for swimmers on the market!!! As a professional swimmer training 10 times a week and also having blonde hair this shampoo has been a game changer!!! It smells amazing, leaves my hair feeling so soft while also removing all the chlorine."

Keira Stephens

Australian Swim Team #302


#1 Swim Specific formula

This shampoo is a formidable defense against chlorine, saltwater and green tint, safeguarding your hair from the harsh effects of swimming.

#2 Essential for Swimmers

A must-have for any dedicated swimmer concerned about the health of their hair, ensuring it remains strong and nourished.

#3 Aussie botanicals

Packed full of native Australian ingredients such as Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum, Desert Lime and Macadamia Oil.

Tackle Chlorine Head-On

Specifically formulated to remove chlorine from your hair this deep-cleansing formula also eliminates impurities, salt water, and green tint, leaving your hair fresh and rejuvenated. 

Activate Your Senses

Experience the refreshing burst of natural Lemon Myrtle with our swim-specific shampoo. Its stimulating scent awakens your senses, leaving you feeling energized and ready to take on the day after a session in the pool. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Can I use this on my hair regularly?

Rest assured, our shampoo is not only powerful but also safe for regular use.

Is there anything I can do to minimise the impact of chlorine?

To maximise the effectiveness of Premax De-Chlorine Shampoo, follow a few simple steps. Prevention is key, so ensure your hair is thoroughly wet and wear a swim cap before entering the pool to minimise chlorine exposure. After swimming, head straight to the shower and rinse your hair with fresh water. Apply a generous amount of our shampoo, massaging it through your hair to ensure complete coverage. Leave the shampoo on for 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the hero ingredients to work their magic. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process for optimal results.

Why do you recommend using both the shampoo & the conditioner?

Our Clarifying Shampoo De Chlorine removes chlorine and impurities, while our Deep Conditioner Repair hydrates and strengthens hair for a healthy, luscious look.  See here for our Duo Pack and save.