Ethics & Environmental Policy

Premax is an Australian company dedicated to improving the physical activity and health of the community through ethical and sustainable practices.

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our blueprint to help contribute to a better and more sustainable life for all.

No Poverty

We donate what we don’t use. Products that have manufacturing errors that are assessed as safe are donated to grass roots community sporting teams to help ease financial burden. Office furniture and equipment is donated to charities when updated.

Zero Hunger

We avoid throwing away food, and only provide appropriate catering at events. Additional food is taken home by attendees and staff.

Good Health and Well-Being

We provide world-leading products to help enable people to live a healthy and active life. It’s the mission of our company.

Quality Education

We provide free, high quality educational content relating to health and physical activity on our website. We also partner with academic institutions and sports medical and science professionals to help disseminate accurate and contemporary information on research relating to health and physical activity.

Avoid Wasting Water

We manufacture our products in Australia under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions. High quality standards are enforced for every production run, including only using the amount of water absolutely required to manufacture and clean equipment.

Gender Equality

We do not discriminate in the employment or promotion of staff and insist on a culture of calling out sexist language and behaviour.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We employ a policy of first looking to buy from companies that share our values on sustainability and ethical sourcing of materials.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

We continuously look to reduce the amount of energy that is used to produce, transport and sell our products. Our products are not tested on animals, and are free of parabens, borax, mineral oil and palm oil. We prefer to use ingredients that are produced in a sustainable way.

Reduce Inequalities

We promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic status.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We encourage our staff and customers to bike, walk or use public transport to get to work to keep our cities air clean.

Responsible Consumption and Products

We use a minimum of packaging in all areas of our business. Our jars and tubes are made of recyclable plastic, and our shipping boxes and cartons are recyclable. We encourage our wholesalers and customers to recycle materials from us.

Climate Action

We educate staff on the impact of our business and industry on climate change and challenge them to look for new and better ways to reduce our impact on climate and the environment.

Life Below Water

We avoid plastic bags to help keep the ocean safe and clean.

Life on Land

We look to use ingredients that allow sustainable management of forests, combat desertification, halt or reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

We support the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.


We realise that everyone needs to come together to achieve sustainable development goals, and we will continue to partner with and encourage others to adopt values and practices that elevate and address ethical and environmental concerns.