Warm Up Cream Formula EP5

An invigorating and zesty heat cream with the added benefits of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, caffeine, and a blend of natural ingredients to protect the skin from the rain, wind and cold. The perfect addition to pre event therapy.

Recovery Cream Sour Cherry

A restorative and soothing cream loaded with the benefits of sour cherry extract, Omega-3 and arnica to assist in the recovery from sports and exercise. With an incredible but subtle scent and a premium silky-smooth texture, this cream is ideal for incorporating into post training/event therapy.

Premax are are delighted to partner once again with 4x Olympic soft tissue therapist Stuart Hinds for the launch of our popular Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 and Recovery Cream Sour Cherry in 1000mL pumps for clinical integration.

Premax has filmed a two part series presented by Stuart which runs through how he integrates these products in his treatments. Check out the preview and be sure to fill out the form below for updates on releases and access to these products at an unbelievable exclusive introductory price.

The different formulas allow me to adapt my manual treatments to each player on and off the court. Player feedback is consistent that the products are non greasy and absorb quickly to allow for quick return to play. As an added bonus, the natural essential oils provide subtle pleasant scents.


WTA Physio to Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka

Check out the full series on Youtube

Learn the latest techniques and treatment tips from Premax advocate and renowned soft tissue therapist Stuart Hinds. The first series of clinical massage techniques covers pre and post event techniques along with common areas of concern in a clinical setting.

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