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Elite Athlete Led
Product Development

We’re on a continual quest to develop unique and better performing sports skincare products. Every product we do is researched and re-thought with an extensive network of elite athletes and professional teams that we work with, supply our products to, and trust.

Innovation, trust, performance and experience are the cornerstones of every product we develop. Every product has to be reimagined and the new benchmark.

We develop each formula from scratch and rigorously test our formulas with our elite sports partners to not only ensure that it’s highly effective, but a superior skin experience.

Collaborative Development

A champion team always beats a team of champions, and our collaborative approach to product development is a fundamental reason Premax is known as the leader in performance skincare.

I’ve worked for years in professional cycling, and when someone recommended Premax to me for the first time I thought... just another range of massage creams and chamois creams. I was so wrong! All the Premax products are unbelievably different to anything else, so much so we were shipping it from Australia before it was even available in Europe.

Marko Dzalo,
Head Soigneur,
Team Ineos

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