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Randall Cooper

Randall Cooper is an Australian sports physiotherapist and sports skincare pioneer. With a unique knowledge of elite level sport, sports medicine, and the skincare need of athletes, Randall has a perpetual passion for keeping people active and achieving their physical goals.

Since 1997 Randall has worked at the coal face in elite sports, being primarily responsible for the lotions and creams that his athletes and patients use. So often, prior to starting Premax, he found his athletes would be grateful for his treatment, but not the creams. They were greasy, pore-clogging and didn’t allow the skin to breathe. He kept getting told by athletes these products hindered performance.

It was the moment where Randall decided to start an athlete-centred and led sports skincare brand.

Founding Premax

Since starting Premax 2006, Randall has been on a continual quest to change the game in sports skincare, developing products that are effective and a great skin experience. Working closely with multiple suppliers, chemical engineers, sports medicine specialists & elite athletes across multiple sports Randall keeps Premax at the forefront with innovative products that continually meets the expectations and needs of active individuals.

Product Development

Today, Premax is synonymous with high performance in sport. It’s a unique association being a skincare company, however Premax keeps striving to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance, and Randall is proud to be known as the trailblazer.

He’s just getting started.

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