Nicole Frain won the Australian title last weekend after a last minute solo-attack in Ballarat, taking home the biggest win of her career.

We're super proud here at Premax that Nicole has been a #PremaxAthlete for a few years and now rides for Roxsolt Liv SRAM, Australia's only women's Contential team, who we are equally proud to sponsor for 2022. 

Fresh from her win we asked Nicole a few questions on how she got to where she is today, how the race went and where she is headed. 

How does it feel to be Australia's National Champion?

I think it has finally sunk in! It is certainly a dream come true, I have envisioned that moment so many times, I just wasn't sure it would come true but I 100% wanted the outcome we made happen on the day and it's just an amazing feeling knowing that we pulled that off. I don't know if I have a real moment of quiet time to reflect just yet.

What training and preparation went into the race?

My coach, Nathan Elliot, and I obviously targeted the road race and time trial and put some really specific work into that. Nationals simulations, longer efforts etc were all part of my program. But also so was my mental state as well, Nathan really encouraged me to visualise that moment and making it happen. Whenever I envisioned it, it was always through the UNI for some reason, although a lot of people expected me to do it on the climb. I really ramped up my training for nationals too, and I made a personal decision not to return to Tasmania when I got back from overseas in November as it would mean a 2 week quarantine process at the time, so I waited another 6 weeks for the borders to open before heading home and I think that was a really good move by me, as it allowed me to continue to train outdoors and get really good sessions in, as well as being in Bendigo which has really good bunches and able to pop over to Ballarat and ride on course.

What was the toughest thing you faced on the day?

I think the toughest part of the day was the moments I realised that it was coming down to me (after we caught Emily and Tilly) and then how to execute it and just fully commit to the plan I had in my head. That was mentally hard. Physically the last 4 min were pretty tough!

You've recently joined Roxsolt Liv SRAM, how does it feel riding for the team?

It is a great group of girls, you saw that on the day from how we road as a team, to how I had them all there for me at the finish and in front of me on the podium. We feel like a family and you work hard for your family, so it's a really nice feeling, especially to feel like this so quickly after joining the team. Kelvin and the management group also run a really good program through to our sponsors which I love and it feels like a personal connection.

What's next for you in 2022?

This week we head to Adelaide for the Santos Festival of Cycling, and after that we will have National Road Series events Tour of Gippsland and Melbourne to Warnambool. I will probably have a little break in-between those races. The team plan to head to Thailand for a UCI tour, and then we have an 8week Europe; I am really excited for the year ahead.

How do Premax products help you?

Premax products have me covered for everything really! From skin protection (a high priority for me), to recovery, and anti-friction/chaff, they are always in my race and travel bags for when I need them.


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Photo Credit: Mason Hender