We’re proud to announce our 2022 Premax Athlete Pro Team. 

It’s a community of like minded athletes, who are supportive and energetic with a mission to achieve their goals in sport.

Check out our list below and let's get behind them for a strong 2022!


Andy Lanskis, Cyclist, @andylanskis

Bec McConnell, Cyclist, @becmcconnell 

Brodie Summers, Skier, @brodiesummers

Izzi Batt-Doyle, Runner, @izzibattdoyle

James Downing, Cyclist, @thereal_jamesdowning

Joanne Ritson, Triathlete, @ritsonjo

Kate Jones, Outdoors, @katejonesadventures

Luke Nelson, Runner, @sportschiroluke

Rhi Hughes, Triathlete, @rhivhuges

Sam Tait, Skier, @samtait_7

Sami Kennedy-Sim, Skier, @samikennedysim

Scott Cadby, Triathlete, @scott_cadby

Sean Bell, Runner, @seanbell__

Stacey Katelis, Cyclist, @stackatz


Alan Li, Runner, @ultralan

Jacob Snochowski, Outdoors, @jacob_snochowski

James MacKeddie, Outdoors, @jamesmackeddie

Louise Vardeman, Cyclist, @loukew

Luke Tyburski, Triathlete, @luketyburski

Mags Dempsey, Outdoors, @magsmay_mountainstrongcoaching

Michael A, Runner, @theurbanchallenger

Natasha Cockram, Runner, @natasha.cockram

Sarah B, Outdoors, @_sarah.b.uk_

Sarah-Jayne, Triathlete, @positivity_and_popcorn


Angelo G, Cyclist
Christy G, Runner
Damien B, Triathlete
David A, Runner
Eliza S, Sailor
Georgie S, Triathlete
Gina R, Cyclist
Gus M, Triathlete
Haydn P, Triathlete
Haylee F, Cyclist
Heidi S, Triathlete
Helen M, Runner
Jason M, Triathlete
Jason D, Triathlete
Jethro N, Cyclist
Joshua L, Cyclist
Katja R, Cyclist
Kirsty T, Cyclist
Kurt M, Triathlete
Laura T, Runner
Leanne C-M, Triathlete 
Leo Y, Cyclist
Luke J, Triathlete
Michelle S, Skier
Mitchell H, Cyclist
Phil S, Runner
Sam R, ExPhys
Sam M, Triathlete
Sarah R, Cyclist
Sophie T, Hockey
Stephanie G, Triathlete
Steve S, Cyclist 



Aléchia V W, Runner
Ashley S, Runner
Becky H, Cyclist
Becky A, Outdoors
Bradley F, Runner
Chris D, Triathlete
Claire T, Runner
Cloe S, Triathlete
Courtney G, Triathlete
Daniel C, Runner
Daniel I, Runner
Emi D, Runner
Emily P, Runner
Emma J, Runner
Erin M, Triathlete
Geoff R, Runner
Guillaume H, Triathlete
Jack G, Runner
Jana M, Runner
Jarnail S, Runner
Jayson L, Triathlete
Jess K, Runner
Josh H, Cyclist
Karen G, Triathlete
Katie K S, Outdoors
Kerry A, Triathlete
Liam W, Traithlete
Lisa T, Cyclist
Lucy E, Triathlete
Luke D-B, Runner
Marcus S, Runner
Mark W, Triathlete
Michele M D, Triathlete
Mollie L-C, Runner
Oceana F, Runner
Sandra W, Triathlete
Tom W, Runner
Scott Cadby Runner