Every Wednesday and Saturday morning the Bondi Ocean Surf Swim (BOSS) Squad meet in front of the North Bondi SLSC to swim out through the break, catch their breath, then body surf the waves back in.

Premax joined the BOSS Squad on a fresh Saturday morning in June – the perfect partnership to launch our new shampoo and conditioner for swimmers.


The conditions on the day were awesome according to BOSS Squad director Talbot Henry. “The surf was bigger than it looked in some of the photos! There was quite a heavy break on the sand, so we proceeded with a bit of caution – knowing when to catch the big waves and when to hold back” says Talbot. 


The BOSS Squad caters for swimmers of all abilities with two different groups going out each Saturday morning. The first group heads out at 7am and caters to advanced-intermediate swimmers, then a second group leaves at 8.15am for beginners and rookies. Both groups do a 500m warm-up before heading out through the waves. Safety is crucial with each swimmer being paired with a ‘buddy’ of a similar swimming ability for the ins and outs, working with - and looking out for each other.


Talbot says the groups often swim to the conditions on the day and will adapt the session accordingly. “Sometimes we will make use of the rip where we’ll swim out with the rip, then swim 20-30m across the beach, then come back in where the break is”.

Swimmers were introduced to the Premax De-Chlorine Clarifying Shampoo and Repair Deep Conditioner after the session, with some members taking straight to the showers on the beach to give the products a try.

“Everyone loved it! They especially loved the fact that it’s made down in Melbourne and formulated specially with swimmers in mind. Many of our squad members also swim in a pool, so they appreciated the fact that their hair can feel fresh and clean after swimming in either the pool or the ocean” says Talbot.


BOSS Squad member Chelsea Levin received the shampoo and conditioner on the day, and has continued to use the products. “I swim in the pool and ocean a lot and have been using this shampoo and conditioner for over a week now and my hair looks and feels amazing! I’ve had a few compliments from people saying how nice my hair looks.” 


For those looking to start swimming in the ocean, Talbot suggests finding a partner or group to swim with. “The ocean is a beautiful thing, however it’s different to the pool. It takes time know your limits and build confidence in the open water”. It’s great advice. 


Premax is the ideal skin and haircare partner for open water swimmers. Our shampoo effectively removes salt, minerals and impurities from the hair and the conditioner provides intensive repair, nourishment and hydration to chlorine and salt water exposed hair.

Wetsuit chafing can be prevented with our neoprene-friendly anti friction balm for men or women, and our Sour Cherry Recovery Cream is the ideal product for dehydrated, distressed or sun-affected skin. Keep your skin protected also from the sun’s damaging rays with our 4 hour water resistant Sunscreen for Sport SPF50+.

Thanks to Amaury Treguer at Morning Bondi for the photos.