Rupert Guinness is a 60-year-old Australian sports journalist, author and ultra-endurance road cyclist. This June Rupert be racing as a solo entrant in the 2022 Race Across America (RAAM), the world's toughest bicycle race.


Rupert with his trusty steed.


After three years of delays due to the pandemic, hours of training, focus, pain, emotion and support from a dedicated team, he now finally has an opportunity to race.

For 38 years RAAM has challenged ultra-cyclists from around the globe to push their physical and mental limits to the farthest reaches. The race commences in Oceanside, Los Angeles, USA on the 14th June 2022 and Rupert has 12 days to cycle 5,000kms across the country with his team - an average of 400kms per day - and will finish on the East Coast of USA in Annapolis, Maryland.

Rupert is racing in the RAAM to heighten awareness about mental health and the far-reaching challenges that it is for many people. On the back of two extremely tough years regarding the impact of the global pandemic, mental health awareness has never been more prevalent.

Issues with mental health is an area that Rupert has experienced first-hand, confronting issues with self-esteem and body image that stemmed from his childhood days and the eating disorder bulimia that he still wrestles with today. 

Rupert sat down with our Founder Randall Cooper, to discuss various aspects of his journey, training and race plan for tackling RAAM. 


Rupert and his team are proudly supported by Premax for this event. Rupert will be using our Chamois Cream for Men, Sunscreen, Weather Defence Facial Cream, Warm Up Cream and Recovery Cream, and his professional team will be providing soft tissue therapy with the Classic Massage Lotion.

We wish Rupert and his team all the best! You can follow Rupert and his adventure on Instagram.


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