Earlier in the month Premax Captain, Sean Bell started his incredible run from Cairns to Melbourne in order to raise $60,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. Currently over 800kms into his journey Sean is smashing it and is on track to stick to his schedule of 60kms a day for 60days. 

We asked Sean to share his top Premax products he will be using and his strategies to look after his skin and body over the course of his epic run. 


1.Sunscreen for Sport SPF 50+

"I will be running 8-12 hours per day, so really long days out there. Premax Sunscreen for Sport SPF 50+ will be absolutely essential. I will be using the sunscreen everyday and applying it pretty much everywhere which isn’t covered. It will also be important to reapply throughout the day every couple of hours."


Sean Bell Running From Cairns to Melbourne

2.Anti Friction Balm

"Another product I will be using a lot of is the Anti Friction Balm. In 2019 I ran the Bali Hope Ultra which is a 84km ultra marathon race across Bali. I didn’t have any anti chafe balm, I didn’t really know anything about it or why your should use it as I was still relatively new to Ultra Running at the time. I was as sore at the end of the race from chaffing as I was from muscle soreness. The only thing I wanted to do after a running all night in the heat in Bali was take a shower and I just couldn’t. The pain from chafing on my inner thighs was just so, so bad. 

I will be using the Anti Friction Balm around the groin area and also on my feet. One thing I have found is a must for runners is using socks which give your feet the ability to breathe. I have found Steigen and Injinji to be the best but you still need something like the Anti Friction Balm to support you. Hopefully that will mitigate any risk of blisters and that sort of thing." 


Sean Bell Warm Up

3.Warm Up Cream Formula EP5

"When you have been running for 30-40days and your body is sore you wake up and all you want to do is roll back to sleep but you’ve got to get up and get out there again. That’s where the Warm Up Cream will be super important to just get my body nice and warm and ready to go. When I do get closer to Melbourne and into Victoria at the start of June it will be pretty cold as well so the Warm Up Cream will help there for sure."


4.Recovery Cream

"Obviously recovery is super important and if we don’t get that right at the end of each day it will have an impact on the next day. The Recovery Cream will play a big role in my end of day routine. The end of each day will consist of plenty of stretching, foam rolling, and generous amounts of Recovery Cream. I even have a pair of compression boots I will be bringing with me."

I am super fortunate to have a few physios and myotherapists who will be traveling with me for sections of the run, so the Premax Massage Creams like the Arnica and Activate will also get plenty of use."

Sean Bell Premax Recovery Cream


For more info on Sean’s run check out seanbellrunforwishes.com. If you would like to donate to Sean’s amazing cause you can do so here   https://makeawish.grassrootz.com/run-for-wishes
You can also help support Sean by using the code RFW5 at checkout. This will give you 5% off your purchase and Premax will contribute 10% of sale proceeds to the Make a Wish Foundation.