Deep Conditioner Repair


A rich, deep conditioner formulated to repair, nourish and soften chlorine exposed hair. Premium ingredients include Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia and Kakadu Plum. This innovative product provides the intensive conditioning swimmers need, leaving hair strong, shiny and silky smooth. 

Can be paired with the Premax De-Chlorine Clarifying Shampoo for the ultimate in haircare for water sport enthusiasts.

Australian Made

Tested on Athletes not Animals

Focused on Performance

Proven in Elite Sport


Sweet Almond Oil

Deeply conditions and moisturises dry hair and prevents hair breakage providing luster, shine and manageability

Kakadu Plum

Packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, Kakadu Plum will strengthen hair, lock in moisture to keep hair hydrated

Macadamia seed oil

High in fatty acids, magnesium and Vitamin E, macadamia seed oil will transform dry, damaged hair and reduce frizz

Coconut Oil

Ultra-moisturising and soothing to the scalp, this natural wonder will also help restore moisture and strengthen hair


"I was finding swim training was really affecting my hair, until I started using the Premax hair care products. The shampoo is great at cleaning the chlorine and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky."

Sarah-Jayne Graves

Bronze Medalist in Aquabike for GB at the European Champs | Triathlete : Olympic, 70.3 and 140.6 distances | Only female to complete the Outlaw Series in 2023

"Premax de-chlorine shampoo and conditioner are the only hair products I use! They’re great at getting all the chlorine out of my hair after training. I highly recommend Premax to any swimmer or triathlete out there!"

Tayla Lumley

Swimmer - Australia


#1 no more frustration from swim caps slipping off

Our unique formula is designed to keep hair strong, healthy, and smooth without making it slippery.

#2 Fortification from Chlorine

With regular use, Premax fortifies and hydrates, providing a powerful shield against future chlorine exposure. 

#3 Ultimate Water Sport Haircare duo

Pair it with Premax De-Chlorine Clarifying Shampoo for the ultimate haircare regimen for water sport enthusiasts. Save with our Duo Pack.

Haircare Dream Team

In response to swimming athletes seeking a dedicated companion to our Premax Clarifying Shampoo De Chlorine, we created the Premax Deep Conditioner Repair. Developed through rigorous research and elite swimmer trials, this conditioner is a robust solution for countering chlorine damage. Regular use of both products is essential for restoring swimmers' hair to peak health.

Intensive Conditioning

Enriched with premium ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia and Kakadu Plum, this swim-specific conditioner intensively restores chlorine exposed and damaged hair, leaving it strong, soft and manageable. 

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Will this make my swimming cap slip off?

Our unique formula is designed to keep hair strong, healthy, and smooth without making it slippery. No more worrying about hair conditioner causing swim cap issues. With Premax, your cap stays put for the whole session, giving you one less thing to worry about.

How long do I leave it on my hair for?

Apply generously to clean wet hair and massage through thoroughly. Leave in hair for 3-5 minutes. Rinse. Repeat if needed.

Why do you recommend using both the shampoo & the conditioner?

Our Clarifying Shampoo De Chlorine removes chlorine and impurities, while our Deep Conditioner Repair hydrates and strengthens hair for a healthy, luscious look. See here for our Duo Pack and save.