Chamois Cream for Women - 200mL


A premium, ultra-endurance chamois cream loaded with natural anti-bacterial properties and skin nourishing herbal extracts in a female-specific pH balanced formula. This performance-focused cream will keep you extremely comfortable and your skin in optimal condition on the longest of rides. 

Official product of Team Jayco AlUla and the ARA Australian Cycling Team. 

Australian Made

Tested on Athletes not Animals

Focused on Performance

Proven in Elite Sport


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Derived from coconut oil, this highly effective lubricant will provide long lasting protection from saddle sores


A trio of natural ingredients with anti-microbial and antifungal properties to help fight bacteria and infection as well as soothe distressed and inflamed skin


All high in Vitamin C and packed full of anti-oxidants, these potent yet gentle natural ingredients help regenerate, heal, and moisturize


Work together to nourish and keep the skin hydrated long after use


"I've always been a notorious sufferer of saddle sores whether I'm riding 5hrs or 20hrs a week, no matter the choice of saddle or knicks. I won't leave the house without my Premax Chamois cream on now! It's not too thick, not too thin, and I can share it with my teammates without double dipping lol"

Peta Mullens

12x Aussie Champ Road, MTB, Track, Cross Country

"The Chamois Cream for Women has been a staple for me for years and it means I don’t have to worry about any issues ‘down there’. It’s long lasting but doesn’t leave a greasy residue either. I never ride without it!"

Sam Menteith

Triathlete | 8x 70.3 | 3x 140.6 | 1x56km |8km OWS


#1 Optimal Glide & Shielding

This performance-focused cream will keep you extremely comfortable and your skin in optimal condition on the longest of rides.

#2 Unreal Skin Sensation

Our specially formulated cream deeply penetrates the skin, providing non-greasy protection and enhanced saddle-rider tactility.

#3 Shorts Stay Fresher, Longer

You love cycling, you love your gear. We get it. Our lightweight and washable formula keeps your cycling shorts in mint condition.

Keep Rolling

Our premium ultra-endurance chamois cream is designed for maximum comfort on long rides. This unique formula ensures unparalleled protection and friction reduction, keeping you confident and comfortable throughout your journey.

A powerhouse formula

Enriched with nourishing Australian ingredients such as quandong, desert lime, wattleseed, and macadamia oil, this gentle and soothing formula is designed to protect, regenerate, heal, and moisturize the most delicate areas of your body.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Is there a difference between the mens and womens formula?

Yes, there is a difference between our men's and women's formulas. We only ever tailor our products to gender where it helps to address specific needs. Our men's product is formulated to align with the natural pH and oil levels of men's skin. On the other hand, our women's product not only matches the pH and oil levels of women's skin but also takes into consideration application in more sensitive areas.

Where do I apply Chamois Cream?

Apply the cream to either your skin or the chamois in the saddle region before putting on your shorts or tights. Body-saddle contact areas are the key areas to cover well.

How long will it last?

You will be able to cycle comfortably for hours. Reapply every 3-5 hours if cycling for long sessions.

What's the difference between Anti Friction Balm & Chamois Cream?

The primary difference between our Anti Friction Balm and Chamois Cream lies in their consistency and intended use. Anti Friction Balm is thicker and best suited for targeted application on smaller areas to provide protection against chafing and friction. In contrast, Chamois Cream has a lighter consistency, making it ideal for easy and broad application on larger areas, often used by cyclists to reduce friction and discomfort during long rides. Both products effectively safeguard against friction-related discomfort, and you can choose the one that suits your specific needs and preferences.