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Next-generation massage cream combining a unique blend of modern ingredients that help athletes prepare for sport and exercise. With an addictive mint and lemon scent, and a premium non-greasy texture, this is the ultimate pre-event massage cream.

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Activate Massage Cream

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport



Mitch Baker

Activate Massage Cream Awesome product! It's really good to use, and definitely don’t need to use as much compared to previous creams and oils. Really nice consistency and feel when treating. Had so many comments from clients saying how nice it smelt too!

Anthony Mckergow

Activate Massage Cream Since graduating I have tried many mediums to achieve the right tactile grip or feel while treating. Activate has this in spades. I can actively engage tissue without worrying about the tissue becoming too slippy under the fingers/palm/forearm. The ingredients are also what drew me to this product, then I the deal was sealed by the smell. It is delish. I have now swapped out all of my oils and balms and exclusively use Premax product. Without a word of a lie there is a product for everything whether you choose Essential, Lotion, Activate, they all have you and your client covered. Thank you Premax.

Natalie Elliot

Activate Massage Cream The one product that I turn to when working with training athletes. My clients are left feeling invigorated and energised after a massage with Activate Massage Cream. Non greasy and the perfect amount of slip gives me the perfect surface to work on tired muscles.

Kerilyn Osborne

Activate Massage Cream For the last 12 months or so I have found the Activate Cream as my “go to” product.  As a therapist I love the consistency.  A perfect amount of grip, glide and slide.  My clients love the fragrance.  Not too sweet and not too strong, often trying to identify the main ingredients throughout the treatment.  The fragrance doesn’t overwhelm the clinic which is an added bonus appreciated by my colleagues. Although this product is designed as an invigorating pre sport and activity product I find I use it not only for athletes but also my rehabilitation and general population clients.  The citrus and mint works well to revitalise overworked, tired muscles. The magnesium in the Activate Cream works a treat helping fatigued muscles relax.  Clients are not left with a greasy film when finished which means they can leave the cream to do its magic overnight if they wish.  The oils help moisturise and protect skin which has been washed, scrubbed and disinfected countless times a day. Add in how easy this cream washes out of linen and off the skin and you can see why I have moved away from traditional oil for my massages. What to improve?  Bigger containers maybe?  5/5 from me.

Kathy McConville

Activate Massage Cream My number one product when working with my Ironman athletes. Fresh smell and packed with fab ingredients. As a therapist it provides me with the perfect glide and consistency giving good control when working with soft tissue. My athletes often comment on the smell and want to know more about the product. On returning they often ask if I can use the same product. Love the Premax brand and also use the sports lotion, essential and arnica products.

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport

Being the leader in superior sports skincare, we strive to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance so that we are always at the forefront, enabling athletes to perform at their best
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