Recovery Cream Sour Cherry 1000mL


A restorative and soothing cream loaded with the benefits of sour cherry extract, Omega-3 and arnica to assist in the recovery from sports and exercise. With an incredible but subtle scent and a premium silky-smooth texture, this cream is ideal for incorporating into post training/event therapy.

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Australian Made

Tested on Athletes not Animals

Focused on Performance

Proven in Elite Sport


Sour Cherry, Omega-3 & Arnica

Evidence based ingredients that help both the body and skin recover from the rigours of exercise and sport

Niacinamide & Allantoin

Two amazing ingredients that effectively reduce redness, soothe and protect skin

Sweet Almond, Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter

Natural ingredients that soak into your skin creating a moisture-sealed barrier keeping your skin hydrated, soft and enhancing repair


"Using this cream has become a ritual that I religiously follow post a big training session or race. I like the fact that the cream does not have an overpowering smell and is not greasy."

Scott Cadby

Triathlete & Runner | Olympic distance triathlons | 1 x Ironman 70.3 | 2 x Road Marathons | 50km Ultra Marathon

"I was super excited to receive my recovery cream in the mail, and it didn't disappoint. The formula is really smooth and gentle on the skin perfect for self recovery or if your helping someone else, this will definitely be a go-to into my recovery routine."

Nicole Frain

2022 Australian Elite Women's National Road Champ


#1 boost recovery

Formulated to help skin recover from the stresses of sports and exercise. Containing powerful ingredients that work in unison to boost the skin's natural recovery process.

#2 Natural Power of Sour Cherry

A powerhouse for sporty skin. Reducing oxidative stress and inflammation caused by intense physical activity and exposure to the elements.

#3 Relieve & Repair

Potent and effective ingredients to facilitate the tissue repair process, leaving skin feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for the next session.

Get Hands On

Get your hands on sore muscles with our Recovery Cream, the perfect medium for professional, partner or self-massage after exercise to enhance total body recovery. Packed with natural ingredients like arnica, sour cherry, and omega-3, it complements the positive effects of soft tissue therapy.


For athletes at every level, maintaining strong and resilient skin is paramount. Weak skin can lead to injuries and hinder long-term skin health. Premax Recovery Cream optimises skin fitness by reducing redness and inflammation, bolstering the skin's protective barrier, calming irritation, and expediting the skin's recovery process.

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What does Sour Cherry do?

Sour cherry extract is the key active ingredient in the Premax Recovery Cream and a powerhouse for sporty skin, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation caused by intense physical activity and exposure to the elements and boosting the skins barrier function. Its high melatonin concentration may also contribute to sleep quality for proper skin rejuvenation. Additionally, Sour Cherry promotes collagen synthesis, maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, while its hydrating properties improve the skin barrier function, making it more resilient.

Will this cream help with muscle recovery?

Our recovery cream is more designed to help the skin recover from the rigours of exercise (think chafing, saddle sores, wind/sun burn and general dehydration from being in the elements). We include sour cherry as our hero ingredient - awesome for the skin because it’s a powerful antioxidant!

How do I apply the Recovery Cream?

Wash well after exercise and ensure skin is clean and dry before applying cream.  Apply cream generously to required areas and massage the cream in using firm but comfortable strokes. Continue until the cream has been absorbed.